Property Investment

Property Investment

The ultimate real estate investment program

What type of real estate investment program suits you?

What type of real estate investment program is right for you? The real estate investment program makes it easy to become a successful real estate investor. But lets be clear, the steps to be successful as a real estate investor is simple but simple does not always translate so easily. Choosing the right investment program is one of the most important decisions you can make as a real estate investor.

The most famous real estate investment program is the Carlton Sheets No Down Payment System that has been run as a TV infomercial for over twenty years. As a real estate investment program, the Carlton Sheets No Down Payment system leaves much to be desired and I would not want to live on the real estate investment program alone. But Carlton Sheets has introduced many people into the wonderful world of real estate investment, and for this he should be thanked.

Lets take a look at three real estate investment programs and the benefits of each.

Kick Ass Wholesaling. Learning How to Buy.

The single most important ability for real estate investors is to learn to buy properties that are significantly lower than market value. When you learn how to buy 50 70 percent of market values, the profits are insured and ending strategies abundantly. Pay too much for a property and there is often little you can do other than take your losses or hang on for dear life hope the market appreciates over time.

Another advantage of wholesaling is the ability to quickly generate profits without having to use cash or credit. One example is that you will find a house worth 200,000 that a seller will sell to you for 130,000. You can, in turn, sell it to another 140,000 investor and make you 10,000 fast and never have to fund your purchase. For a complete wholesale trade system, check out Kick Ass Wholesaling

Work for equity. The most profitable way to sell properties

This is an advanced investment program for real estate, not because it is difficult to implement, but because most investors never discover the system. Instead of buying ugly houses, either wholesale or rehabbing, there is a way to sell and earn twice as much profit and have a larger pool of buyers who want your house.

Work for Equity is the real estate investment program where you sell the property with a special leasing agreement that requires the buyer to repair the property at your own expense. Later, usually after 12 months to maximize your tax profits, the buyer has the right to buy the property in the real world, only about 30 percent of all buy options take out buyers and buy the property.

If the leasing option buyer exercises his option and buys the property, you are paid and this is good news. If they rent the option the buyer does not exercise his option, you have a property that has been improved at your own expense and you are free to sell again using any method you choose.

The benefits to the real estate investor are too many for details here but in the end, the work for equity can literally double an investors profits compared to the rehabbing property and then sell the property fully after the repaired value.

Work for Equity is a real estate investment program that every investor should use. Why not make twice the profits on offers that you currently rehabbing? All details are available in the Work For Equity Pro System.

Instant Real Estate Profit Pro How to Buy Real Estate for 5 Minutes or Less

For the serious investor, there is a real estate investment program designed to handle all your shopping needs in 5 minutes or less.

Imagine that you can analyze a property, calculate profit and print all the documents you need to provide the seller with a fully motivated offer that includes an insurance policy, repair cost estimates, how to arrive at your offered price and two offers one cash and one terms. Users of this system are so effective that they often place real estate under contract after talking to the seller once and without even looking at the property.

This real estate investment program is also fully prepared, get the AKA Subject To package that allows you to take over existing loans. Note Banks do not like this practice so you have to understand the risks involved. All documents you need, including information, permissions to the right information, proxy, and so much more. It even creates a ground trust for you that should be part of your asset protection plan.

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